About Us

Entecol Ltd has been trading since 2009, and provides a wide range entomological services. The company founder and Managing Director is Richard Toft, who has nearly three decades of experience as an insect ecologist, having previously worked at the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) and Landcare Research (a Crown Research Institute).


Our work ranges from small one-off technical services, such as identifying a pest insect, to collaborating in large multi-disciplinary research projects and environmental surveys. We are also involved in development and testing of new products. Our clients include Government departments and ministries, regional and district councils, universities, CRI's, environmental consultancies, energy and irrigation companies, chemical companies, pest control companies, non-government organisations, and private individuals.


Our Logo

The three bars of our logo represent the three areas of our work:

  • Research
  • Consultancy
  • Products and Services

The dragonfly spans across the bars, providing the connecting theme of entomology, while the changing shades of green represent our progressive approach.


Our Practices

Entecol staff and subcontractors operate in accordance with commercial, industrial and environmental regulations, and we carry appropriate levels of public liability and professional indemnity insurances. Safety and environmental protection is of paramount concern to us, and we maintain a suite of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and have Health and Safety Plans (HSPs) in place for working in a wide variety of environments, from the laboratory to remote wilderness areas and urban streets.



Richard Toft at microscope
Invertebrate survey using a Malaise trap

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